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January 15, 2021 2 min read

There's never been a more important time to be looking after yourself so to kickstart our 2021 resolutions we're talking self care rituals before bed. For our first HYBERNATE WITH this year, we chat with Lindy Rama-Ellis (formerly Lindy Klim), mother of four and entrepreneur living in Bali.

Lindy is all about fostering a self-care culture that’s honest, nurturing and empowering. Last year she even launched her own women’s wellness brand Fig Femme, which is skincare for down there. 


What does your bedtime routine look like?

I love to shower before bed, then I do the usual cleanse and moisturise with my favourite products... Lately Adam, my husband and I have been watching Netflix in bed as the kids have taken over the TV room.

I'm big into routine so having a night time ritual helps.

Why do you think self-care and making time to looking after our bodies and minds is so important for women?

It’s so important not just for women, but for everyone... I do think however that women wear so many caps these days so making sure that you do have time for one’s self is a must. I know I’m a much better version of myself when I do.

Any tips for achieving great quality sleep?

I’m still trying to master this! Unfortunately having so many children often means I am woken up a lot... I’m big into routine so having a night time ritual helps.

Are there any sleep rituals or aids that you can’t live without?

I spray Diptyque every night... Scent is very important to me and this particular scent tells my brain it’s sleep time.

What’s your favourite Hybernate sleepwear item?

It’s really hot in Bali so the shorts and tank are perfect. 

HYBERNATE WITH Lindy Rama-Ellis          

Lindy wears our V neck tank top and shorts PJ set in Dusty pink.